H2Ofit Aquajump is a mini individual elastic bed for exercises in the water that provides to the participant a low impact aerobic activity, ideal for vascular conditioning. With the impulse of the gravity power, called impulse electrical-weight to the skeleton muscle system , there is the invigoration and the rise of the bone density.
Besides, the Jump also works equilibrium , power, moving coordination.
But, the main attribute of Aquajump is about the lymphatic system , that is considered the ” litter remover ” from our organism.
The Jump is easy and very fun.
Impact Reduction One of the main characteristic of the Aquajump is the lowest impact level suitable during the exercises, even this being accomplish in an intensive form.
Two factors are due to this: the own cushioning , (deceleration) accomplished by the springs and canvas of the Aquajump, and the water , through the resistance caused by its density and the push in the oppose way to the gravity .
Target Public The classes of Jump are a big attractive for the most diverse public from the Gym, since children , adolescents, youngs , adults ( age group that usually the water aerobics doesn’t attract) and old people, beyond athletes and patients of physiotherapy.